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Polyurethane panels and PIR

Polyurethane panels and PIR The thermo-insulating panels with polyurethane foam are used to get a lower conduction of heat preserving the heat and leading ; to a decrease in the annual power consumption, being used to create roofs, ceilings, front walls or sub-division walls.

Polyurethane foam used – without fully halogenated chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) – it is made of polyol and isocyanate, with inflating agents.


    • Fireproof between 15 – 30 minutes (în depending on the type and set-up position of the panel) for PIR thermo-insulating panels over 50 mm thick
    • Fire category reaction B – s2d0
    • Quick and easy set-up
    • Low conduction of heat
    • Light weight
    • Resistant to decomposition
    • Broad use range: industrial bays, shopping centers, showrooms, cooling rooms, houses etc.
    • High resistance to temperature changes and to exposure to various weather conditions în
    • Exceptional rigidity
    • Durable / long lifetime î

Product details

The PIR thermo-insulating panels thick over 50 mm a fire resistance between 15 and 30 minutes; &ndash ( depending on the type and set-up position of the panel).  Every panel is protected with a polyethylene film (also kept during the commissioning period). 

Product details

It requires set-up on a support made of metal profiles (steel), wooden profiles or on metal insertions (in concrete) and it can be combined; longitudinally -via the profile connection system; and transversally - by partially separating the lower inferior metal board and the thermo-insulating layer, overlapping the panels and fixing them with self-cutting screws.

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