Top Steel  zinc coated profiles - cold cast profiles

TOP STEEL cold cast profiles

TOP STEEL cold cast profiles The cold cast panels were used mostly as secondary elements of the buildings' supporting structure, as dowels for the roof or rulers for the walls; in the past years, these profiles have also been used to create the actual supporting structure of the buildings.

The TOP STEEL zinc coated profiles are made of high quality materials: S350GD steel + Z275.


    • Short deadlines and low execution costs
    • Short labor time
    • Quick and easy set-up
    • Highly durable constructions
    • Completely detachable and recycling system
    • Highly resistant to earthquakes

Product details

The light zinc coated steel profiles are made by progressive cold casting the strips of hot cast zinc coated metal sheets (which go through several sets of rolls) and which can be made with automatic pre-boring, as per the project requirements.

Product details

The use of systems made of thin metal sheets means less steel, while the large variety of sizes (customized profiles can be created even in limited series, without significant cost increases) allows the designers to get to the best structural combinations and, implicitly, cheaper.

The light zinc coated steel profiles are a fully developing category due to their advantages: short deadlines and low execution costs, low labor time, quick and easy set-up, highly durable constructions, fully detachable and recycling system, highly resistant to earthquakes.

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