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Self-Supporting Corrugated Sheet

Self-Supporting Corrugated Sheet In the main application of this type of self-supporting profile, has a supportive role for all
thermal insulating, sound proof and waterproof layers of the roof panels of the civil or industrial
constructions with net openings between the structural elements from 4 m – 9 m ratio.
- fold height H53, H83, H135 and H153.

This is used as roof sheathing


    • long lasting and easy to set-up;
    • affordable price;
    • full range of parts and accessories;
    • it does not require maintenance costs;
    • special aesthetic look;
    • wide range of colors.

Product details

TOP 53/975
Main application of this type of profile – mold for concrete.
It is manufactured in two versions: simple profile or profile with finned folds, in order to ensure a better
co-operation between concrete and profile.
The simple profile can be used as coverage for roof and interior walls.

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